Tender beef very sweet full of teriyaki flavor.

Turkey Terrestrial Teriyaki 

This flavor is for the ones who like to try something different than red meat.  Tender turkey, and full of sweet teriyaki flavor. 

So much garlic you will be able to disintegrate a vampire by talking to them! 

Extremely salty with a hint of lemon.

Most Wanted Cow Boy

Cowboy has a more dry taste then the rest.  Rich in pepper but not overwhelming.  Make it great to enjoy with a drink

Tougher and drier than regular beef, very rich in meat flavor with a peppery touch.  

Our Jerky  Flavors


        Hell Hole Hot

An exotic blend of chili pepper teriyaki, wine, pineapple juice and other flavors to come up with this flavor but it is not overpowering spicy, but must get a drink to accompany this jerky

Spicy lovers only! Do not forget a drink!!!